Scene 39: Voluntary Disconnection

Amory awakes early the next morning after her first Int Rundown, before the sun is up, feeling like she never really slept. She spent the entire night tossing and turning on her cot, her mind carried away by a wave of new thoughts and emotions. Her decision to leave The Church is too painful to contemplate, the enormity of the decision too overwhelming, that the only thing she can think about is her immediate escape plan. … Read More Scene 39: Voluntary Disconnection

Scene 38: Obedience Training

The California summer sun beat down on seven-year-old Amory’s head and seemed to intensify as it bounced off the concrete and radiated back up. The children in the Cadet Org had their recess on the roof of the parking garage The Church owned next door. There was a basketball court set up at one end, and the rest of the space was left open for the march routine, which is what the children spent most of their physical education time practicing.… Read More Scene 38: Obedience Training