Abandoned at three years old. Raised in a cult. A young woman must find the courage to leave the only life she knows.

I’m pleased to introduce my debut novel, Blown. Based on a true story, Blown is about nineteen-year-old Amory who, after growing up in the Church of Scientology, embarks on a nine-month journey to find freedom by leaving the life that has thoroughly conditioned her for servitude in the cult culture of The Church. This gripping story follows a young, naive, but determined woman as she tries to extricate herself from a disturbing and fascinating world.

In the upcoming weeks, I am going to release the first five chapters of the novel to this website, one blog post at a time. The entire story will be available on Amazon.com. If you like the story and support the project, it would make this writer very happy if you shared a link to the blog on your social media sites and wrote a review of the book on Amazon.